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Fixed Bridgework

Sometimes you need a more permanent solution for your tooth loss. We provide fixed bridgework that is permanently attached into your mouth and deliver security and relief to the gaps in your smile.

We cement our fixed bridges to your existing teeth, providing a strong anchor for the prosthetic replacements. Our fixed bridges are generally composed of our great-looking, custom-designed crowns that are shaped to blend in with your natural teeth and enhance your smile.

Tooth loss can be a serious oral health issue. Missing teeth can hurt the appearance and function of your smile and lead to irregular movement in the surrounding teeth. Fixed bridges are a worry-free solution and can return your mouth to a normal state of oral health.

We first determine if fixed bridge is right for you. We then design your bridge using the latest in crown and bridge technology, and attach your fixed bridge safely and securely into your existing teeth. This effectively corrects the gap in your smile, returns you with normal oral function and improves your smile's appearance.   

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