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Oh no! My crown fell off. What should I do?

In the case of a detached or missing crown, schedule an appointment with our office immediately. Crowns are generally designed to protect and preserve badly-decayed teeth, and a fallen crown often exposes a bad tooth to further damage and decay. The longer you wait for professional treatment, the greater the potential for further harm, infection and even pain.

 If you've been able to find your fallen crown, store it in a safe place until you're able to see the dentist. Depending on the condition we may be able to restore and reattach the missing crown. Apply small amounts of clove oil to the affected tooth with a cotton swab if you're experiencing any pain or sensitivity.

In some cases it is even possible to reattach the crown yourself using tooth cement or denture adhesive. This can help to protect the decaying tooth until your next visit.

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