Complete Dentures

Full Dentures in the Stephens City, VA Area

Complete dentures (also referred to as “plates”) are a great way to restore a smile that has been lost through trauma and dental disease.   Many people are concerned about achieving a natural and beautiful looking denture and we love these patients!  Whether you are looking for a straight white smile or a customized tooth arrangement with character, we will work with you to get the look you desire.   We use premium denture materials and work with talented denture technicians to get a result that will enable you to smile comfortably and confidently.

Unnatural looking dentures that slip or rub your mouth painfully are not acceptable.  Please call Stiebel & Baker Dentistry today in Stephens City, VA at (540) 869-2737 to get an appointment and start the process toward a beautiful, comfortable, and functional denture!

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